3rd Wedding Anniversary


3rd wedding anniversary picture

3rd wedding anniversary picture

14 July 2008 is our third wedding anniversary! We have been living in Hong Kong for the past one year. That means that we only had each other to talk to most of the time. There were no friends or family around to let out “the steam”. But luckily we did not get on each other’s nerves at all (OK, for most part!). Hong Kong has been great for us. We have learnt to live with each without the need for distractions.


Krazzy 4

We saw Krazzy 4 last night. The movie is so bad. I can’t imagine that Amit Thorat didn’t warn me enough about it! The movie is very bad. Please don’t watch it.

Back in Hong Kong

So we are back from India. The trip was 3 weeks long and initially I thought that this would be a very long vacation. However the time just flew and we couldn’t even do all the things that we planned to do. For example, we didn’t once go to Karim’s for a meal! We spent most of our time with friends just chatting and catching up. It goes without saying that we miss “home”.

Home is among your friends, it is in the heart

Going to India

Guess who is going to India this weekend! We are! We are finally going to India this weekend. We will return to Hong Kong on May 3.

Sahba is more excited than I am about the trip. I hate the whole production of air travel even if it is to visit India after 242 days.

“We miss you”

I just got a “We miss you” letter from my credit card company in India. I knew I wasn’t being careful with my credit cards but it scares me to think that ICICI is missing me. They are probably missing my money more than me!

Visit to IKEA

Setting up home away from home can be a daunting task. But if its you and your loved one trying to set up your little nest, nothing can be more romantic and charming. Chances are, you are a young couple starting a new life with little cash. This situation should automatically lead you to IKEA. Its a great store for low budget shopping, all under one roof and great looks.

First trip to the IKEA-you look around and love almost everything. Turns out to be the most romantic outing of your married life. You decide you want to buy all your furniture from IKEA and prepare yourselves for the next trip.

Second trip to IKEA – this is your buying trip! You realize the big differences in your marriage. You fight. You argue. You quarrel. You swear. You pull each others hair out and pledge to have no sex with your spouse, ever. The furniture never seems to match your floor color or fit into the place where you want it to be. The “so cheap” furniture turns out to be not so cheap and nobody seems to be interested in you at the sales counter.

You choose different assets in almost every case. You are hungry and now have different ideas for where you want to eat. Your feet start hurting and you don’t want to carry anything you managed to buy back home. So you pull yourself out of the store and swear never to come back. Once home you do make up and start thinking about your next trip to IKEA. Alone this time!

Living in Hong Kong

Adnan and I moved to Hong Kong last month and that explains much of why we haven’t been active on this blog. We have been spent most of this time settling in…

We have moved into a nice small house ( big by HKG standards!) by the South China Sea. Work has been great, great office and even better people. I have also been to Vietnam for a ten day road trip, about which I will write later. First about living in Hong Kong.

Our house is on a small island off Hong Kong and the view from the windows is great. But the catch is that I have to travel for one hour to get to work. But it is nice. I get on a jet ferry and then ten minutes on the underground. It is called MTR here in Hong Kong.

Adnan is working from home, and I think he is enjoying it but I feel bad for him. No friends, no family and no work. It can be pretty bad, but he tells me, it’s great! That’s how much Adi loves me.

He cooked dinner for me the day I came from Vietnam and if you know Adi, he cannot cook to save his life! I don’t know how he did it! Missing him now, gotta get home to my baby!