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“Maths sucks” or “I suck at Maths”

I suck at Maths. I was helping Hassan, Adnan’s cousin, with some Algebra and Trignometry. I could not even solve one of his sums, although I knew that at some point during my school, I had struggled with the same problem and got it right.

Then , Adnan came by and solved those sums like it was cakewalk! I know now which one of us is going to help our children with homework. I think, I’ll just have a cool drink when they battle out Maths. One more responsibility off my shoulder!

I secretly pat myself for finding Adnan for a husband. He is so good at Maths!


Raph’s farewell

Third day of the Blog ( And so many visitors!). Thanks Guys!

I was at a farewell at a place called Stones cafe. It is my most favourite lounging place in the whole of Delhi. We were saying goodbye to Raph, my boss, for the past year. Raph’s a great guy. I’ll miss him when he’s gone…..and regret not going dancing with him.

I wanted Adnan to pick me up from stones. It was only 10 when we were finished. If I was in Simla, I would have never thought of anyone picking me up or dropping me somewhere at any time of night. But Delhi is not the same. As a woman, I feel unsafe to be on my own , at an hour when the city is abuzz. Therefore, I don’t like Delhi very much….

“Our team and Adnan”

I have a reputation at Sahba’s office. I have met Sahba’s team from office at restaurants and bars many times. It is a standard joke at her office that whenever they plan an outing, they plan for the “team and Adnan”! So when Sahba called from office to say that she is going to be late because they are going out to give <her boss> a farewell, I half expected an invitation.

It is only 6pm now so there is still time.. 😉

Second day of the blog

We had some people over for dinner tonite. My cousin, his wife and daughter from Himthala. Himathala is my village. I am always very excited when someone from Himathala or Kotgarh visits my home. There is so much to talk about… an approaching wedding of someone I have never met, an unfortunate accident of some distant relative( more often than not that relative was driving drunk when ” it happened to him”), diminishing apple crop and snow…. . I love talking about these things , I really do. I feel happy in the happy stories and sad in the sad ones.I don’t want my kotgarh guests to leave. I wish I could be back home with them and Adnan by my side. It would be a perfect world. But I guess there is no such thing as a perfect world….

Hello everybody

We are Sahba and Adnan. A happily married couple. We really are .. happily married. Adnan thought of this blog. He always thinks of blogs. He also writes a seperate one but he has promised to write here now. This is our space together where we can write for friends and family and make them part of our daily lives.

We hope you will visit us often!