Raph’s farewell

Third day of the Blog ( And so many visitors!). Thanks Guys!

I was at a farewell at a place called Stones cafe. It is my most favourite lounging place in the whole of Delhi. We were saying goodbye to Raph, my boss, for the past year. Raph’s a great guy. I’ll miss him when he’s gone…..and regret not going dancing with him.

I wanted Adnan to pick me up from stones. It was only 10 when we were finished. If I was in Simla, I would have never thought of anyone picking me up or dropping me somewhere at any time of night. But Delhi is not the same. As a woman, I feel unsafe to be on my own , at an hour when the city is abuzz. Therefore, I don’t like Delhi very much….


2 responses to this post.

  1. hmmm…Come to bangalore and thy shall find that here even guys donot feel safe at those whee hours…Not for the reasons in Delhi for gals of course…but for robbery killings….which are so much prominent in here.

  2. I think the entire country is very unsafe for people going about their business. Some of the smarter people will tell us it is due to the extent of the divide between the haves and the have-nots. I would agree with them.

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