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Surprise party today!

Late last night (Saturday, 17/3), Sahba decided that we are not hosting enough parties. In fact, she pointed out that it has been over an year since we invited any one formally. For some one who likes the company of friends so much, it was very difficult to believe that we were not hosting for an year. We had to correct it. We decided to start off small because we did not have time for planning a larger gathering. I was still inviting people on Sunday as they were calling. Bubai and Lovey were the first ones to arrive at 11:30 AM. Javed, Sara, Muna & Massi and Rashmi & Rayyan joined us later. There was lots to eat & drink. Bubai says that brunch is a little bit of breakfast and a little bit of lunch and if you have enough of it, it is a little bit of dinner. That was true for me today.

We are planning more of these gatherings in future. I am glad we kept it small so that we could talk & meet with everyone.