Abba’s short visit

Abba was visiting us for a very short period. He was in Delhi for less than a week on his way to China from Chicago. He just left.

I am very upset today. I think so is Sahba. However you have to learn to put the past behind you and move on. On days like these, I wish a friend lived in the neighborhood so that I could walk to his home & chat my blues away.


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  1. “learn to put the past behind” – Let’s put aside if putting past behind is easy or difficult, from last 7 years I desire to know, if I really want to put past behind and move ahead. Though ppl shall give umpteen reasons to forget the past, but isn’t the past is as much yours as is your present (Future is definately a question). But after so many trials, I have personally concluded for myself atleast, that, “I never forget the past, no matter how hard I try, good or bad…all haunts me in dreams”. Loneliness has always been a catalyst, sometimes even though I have friends around me, but past still haunts me.

    Incase you are able to do it, help me also out.

    I don know why, but I am missing the nights I had spent at your home – talking, enjoying fabulous food – mostly the talk without any fear – with you, sahba, afzal.

    I am missing Jadoo Mama too.

    Now a days it’s takes lot of energy, thought & effort from me, just to get few moments wherein I can have talks with my friends. Everybody is so damn busy and preoccupied 😦

  2. Posted by Amit on May 2, 2007 at 11:25 am

    Even if you forget the past, you may come across days of blues when you’ll start digging and find those old memories again.
    And dreams, the damn dreams, they are the work of a zombie process inside the head which can randomly tap into any part of the memory, mangle the data and scare you. Bhoo !
    Friends are like Norton tools, if you are in touch with them your system stays healthy.
    I felt very healthy during Adtel days.

  3. Friends make all the difference in the quality of life that you lead. Modern urban lives don’t have the right work/life balance.

  4. Speaking of work/life balance, I recently saw some software engineers from India discussing which companies offer the best balance. I am just glad that this is topic of interest to everyone.

    A better balance was one of my resolutions for 2007.

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