Trip to Shimla

By coming soon, I meant the post is coming soon…. not a new trip to Shimla. Adnan and I had been to Shimla a few days back to attend my cousin’s wedding and spend some time with my family there. It was a great trip. We flew to Shimla for the first time and were there in an hour. Cutting short our journey by a good eight hours. I think we will always fly to Shimla now , although I must admit here that it is doing no good to global warming.

As usual , the weather back home was lovely and as ever. Shimla is the best in spring , which lasts only a few months but makes the town even more beautiful. It was a short yet wonderful week packed with mom’s cooking, family reunion, pahari dancing, long walks on the Mall road and catching up with old friends ( and gossip , of course).

I wish I can get a job back home for a year or so. It would be so nice to enjoy living in Shimla for another year and seeing my parents every day.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Are you going to Shimla? Is this a trip I don’t know about? We live in the same house. I say we talk.

  2. Posted by Arnab on April 28, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    oi let me know when you guys are going. i was planning to come watch kirkit

  3. pahari dancing, long walks on the Mall road wow!!!! wot could ever beat that? ur blog is lovely and unique! Happy Blogging!

  4. Posted by sorabh on July 16, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    Hello Sahba & Adnam,

    Never imagined that a Google search for ‘fly to simla’ could lead me to this blog!!

    My initial skepticism about my find were assuaged somewhat when I saw few familiar names and then comments from Sahba having words like Himthala, Kotgarh mentioned helped allay all doubts …

    Was really good to read through the blog and I am really looking forward to being a regular visitor henceforth.

    Aniket bhai – Hello to you as well … and ya Sahba you are not allowed to lapse to old kaithu lingos and names when you reply !! he he

    Cheers ..


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