The Great India Place

Adnan and I went to a Mall in Noida today, called The Great India Place. It is the hugest Mall I have ever seen. It has massive shopping arcades with seas of shops of furniture, clothes, perfumes and what not. It is endless. I had a headache by the time we were out of that place.

Malls drive me giddy and I hate them. They lack character and are vulgar. The GIP is one of the many Malls that dot the NCR area. And every mall is packed with people shopping in a frenzy. Enough to drive even an ardent shopper like me crazy. I have my favorite market places in Delhi. I love Lajpat Nagar, GK- 2 ‘s N block, Khan Market, Dilli Haat and Jor Bagh markets very much. For me , they are the fine New Delhi bazaars where one can find whatever they are looking for and have a nice outing too.

You can find different kinds of people in all of these various markets. For example, Lajpat has the old Punjabi women haggling over the price of a dupatta, GK has the cute social workers adding to their Khadi wardrobe, Dilli Haat is full of students and Jor Bagh has my favorite ice tea shop while Khan Market has good book shops.


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  1. Posted by chunky on August 18, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    howz the mall is it good

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