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Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on 14th of July. Adnan’s parents, who are here from Chicago, hosted a roof top Kabab and Biryani party.

But the highlight of the day was this.

Adnan surprised me by calling my parents to Delhi for our anniversary. I was chopping mangoes on the dinning table with my neck brace on ( you all know I have been having a neck problem) when I saw my parents walk into the house with Adnan. I almost died.

If you know my parents well, you would know how bizarre it is to see them in Delhi.They never come. They think it is too hot. I have been in Delhi since 2003 December and my parents have visited me exactly three times ( out of which one was for my wedding. They landed a day earlier).

The credit to get them to Delhi lies with Adnan. I still can’t imagine what he must have said to convince them. Anyways, the point is that I was genuinely surprised. What did not come as a surprise to me was that they left as soon as the party was over.