Living in Hong Kong

Adnan and I moved to Hong Kong last month and that explains much of why we haven’t been active on this blog. We have been spent most of this time settling in…

We have moved into a nice small house ( big by HKG standards!) by the South China Sea. Work has been great, great office and even better people. I have also been to Vietnam for a ten day road trip, about which I will write later. First about living in Hong Kong.

Our house is on a small island off Hong Kong and the view from the windows is great. But the catch is that I have to travel for one hour to get to work. But it is nice. I get on a jet ferry and then ten minutes on the underground. It is called MTR here in Hong Kong.

Adnan is working from home, and I think he is enjoying it but I feel bad for him. No friends, no family and no work. It can be pretty bad, but he tells me, it’s great! That’s how much Adi loves me.

He cooked dinner for me the day I came from Vietnam and if you know Adi, he cannot cook to save his life! I don’t know how he did it! Missing him now, gotta get home to my baby!


One response to this post.

  1. It’s been a while since I came to your blog…..

    Dinner by Addy 🙂

    I think both of you know it already…but I believe, you both shall be happy to know, that I believe that, both of you are very lucky….Sahba is lucky coz She has Somebody like Addy…and Addy is lucky coz he has Sahba besides himself….

    I think you should pat each other’s back for being together….

    I think you also know that this sense of together is something fro which everybody lives…..

    Anyhow….Be there…Donot feel lonely….enjoy….I think I should call both of sometime 🙂 ….

    It’s been a long since I talked to Addy and to you too Sahba…

    Christmas is coming….Have a great Christmas Celebration…

    I donot know if you believe in Jesus….But I believe in Santa… :)… Believe in him this time….may be he might land in you car-park… 😉

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