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Visit to IKEA

Setting up home away from home can be a daunting task. But if its you and your loved one trying to set up your little nest, nothing can be more romantic and charming. Chances are, you are a young couple starting a new life with little cash. This situation should automatically lead you to IKEA. Its a great store for low budget shopping, all under one roof and great looks.

First trip to the IKEA-you look around and love almost everything. Turns out to be the most romantic outing of your married life. You decide you want to buy all your furniture from IKEA and prepare yourselves for the next trip.

Second trip to IKEA – this is your buying trip! You realize the big differences in your marriage. You fight. You argue. You quarrel. You swear. You pull each others hair out and pledge to have no sex with your spouse, ever. The furniture never seems to match your floor color or fit into the place where you want it to be. The “so cheap” furniture turns out to be not so cheap and nobody seems to be interested in you at the sales counter.

You choose different assets in almost every case. You are hungry and now have different ideas for where you want to eat. Your feet start hurting and you don’t want to carry anything you managed to buy back home. So you pull yourself out of the store and swear never to come back. Once home you do make up and start thinking about your next trip to IKEA. Alone this time!